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Tobacco smoking can be such a filthy addiction especially if cleanliness and hygiene are alien principles to the smoker. If you have ever been in a confined space with a cigarette addict, you will agree with us when we say that the experience can be nasty. The smell of the cigarette smoke and that of the smoker make the environment unbearable, and all that crosses your mind is how to get out of there. To everyone’s relief science has ones again provided a long lasting solution. The invention of the e-cigarettes may just be the best thing that ever happened to the smokers’ world.


  • •  E-cigs are devoid of the distinctive pungent odor of traditional cigarettes.
  • •  There is a scientific consensus that the e-cigarettes are healthier as compared to their traditional cigarettes counterparts.
  • •  E-cigarettes are Much Cheaper in the Long-run as Compared to Traditional Cigarettes.
  • •  E-cigarettes are Not as Negatively Viewed as Traditional Cigarettes.
  • •  E-cigs are Safer.
  • •  The list of flavors is endless and you can even decide how much nicotine you get with your flavor cartridges. 


People who are accustomed to electronic cigarettes visit our online store regularly to find something new, something better, something that can be customized and bring a new breakthrough to their experience of vaping with electronic cigarettes.


We offer a wide range of devices: E-cigarette starter kits, more advanced kits for experience vapers. We offer a big selection of hardware (MODs, RDAs, Tanks…), e-juice, batteries, and vape accessories from the top brands in the industry.




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