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Advantage Of Electronic Cigarette Over The Regular Cigarette

Electronic cigarettes are portable battery-powered devices that simulate smoking and which unlike regular cigarettes are much safer. E-cigarettes work by vaporizing e-liquids and flavoring them yet still delivering nicotine though in varying levels depending on what you prefer. Unlike smoking tobacco, an electronic cigarette comes without other 3999+ chemicals such as tar usually hidden in cigarettes. This is a key advantage of electronic cigarette over the regular cigarette.

E-cigarettes generate smoke-like vapors that provide the same inhalation experience as smoking tobacco. An electronic cigarette has been shown to reduce craving among smokers, not just for nicotine but also the relaxation it brings when inhaling or exhaling the e-liquid vapor. E-cigarettes have no smell, won’t stain your teeth and you can generally use them in non-smoking areas.

Ease of Usage

With an electronic cigarette you don’t have to slip out to an isolated place to smoke. Therefore, you won’t miss out on smoking especially when the urge is overwhelming. Since e-cigarettes emit vapor and not smoke, tar or ash you can consequently use them in many public places where normally regular tobacco cigarettes aren’t allowed.


The cost after initial purchase can be much lower than a regular cigarette. If you normally smoke more than a single pack of cigarettes daily, you can end up spending hundreds of dollars a month. E-cigarettes then again will lower your expenses by half. After buying an e-cigarette, the cost of vaping is significantly less about half the cost of smoking tobacco. This is unless you end up buying many different types of devices. Besides, an electronic cigarette is not that expensive and each time you will always find the best device as an alternative to a regular cigarette. 

Different Choices of Flavor

Regular cigarettes are limited to only two flavors, tobacco & menthol. An electronic cigarette on the other hand comes in different flavors depending on what you want. It is more like ordering a cocktail at your favorite bar. The list of flavors is endless and if you are an ardent smoker, you can even decide how much nicotine you get with your flavor cartridges. 

The Best Fragrance

The advantage of electronic cigarette over the regular cigarette is that your perfume can also be your signature scent. You will exhale the e-liquid vapor leaving you feeling satisfied instead of being smoked-out and smelly.


Electronic cigarettes are also easier to pick. You will find popular brands in most convenience stores, retailers, gas stations, smoke shops and grocery stores. The same goes for rechargeable kits, cartridges, and other accessories.

A key advantage of electronic cigarette over the regular cigarette is that it might cut tobacco-related deaths and illness. The electronic cigarette devices are not only easier to use but are much safer as well. Although long-term risks of e-cigarettes remain unknown, their benefits outweigh potential harm especially compared to those risks associated with smoking tobacco. Every single e-liquid contains nicotine and though it is addictive, it won’t harm you if you use it as an alternative to smoking tobacco. Don’t swallow the e-liquid as it is only for use in e-cigarettes and other kinds of personal vaporizers.