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What is ecigarettes and how e-cigs work?

Tobacco smoking can be such a filthy addiction especially if cleanliness and hygiene are alien principles to the smoker. If you have ever been in a confined space with a cigarette addict, you will agree with me when I say that the experience can be nasty. The smell of the cigarette smoke and that of the smoker make the environment unbearable, and all that crosses your mind is how to get out of there. To everyone’s relief science has ones again provided a long lasting solution. The invention of the e-cigarettes may just be the best thing that ever happened to the smokers’ world. The existence of a smokeless cigarette was a dream come true for most smokers.

Some of us may not have come across an e-cigarette and may be already wondering what they are. An electronic cigarette or an e-cig in short is a battery powered device resembling a normal cigarette that provides an alternative way of consuming nicotine. With normal cigarettes, tobacco has to be burned so that the smoker can experience the soothing effects of nicotine and in the process smoke is produced. The e-cig provides an alternative to this method of extracting nicotine by ingeniously enabling the smoker to consume the nicotine without the need to burn tobacco.

The next step after knowing what an e-cig is, its understanding how it operates. But before we can even know how the e-cigs work, it is essential that we know the parts that constitute these marvelous devices. Most brands of the e-cigarettes consist of three main components.

1. The battery. It acts as the power source for the device

2. The tank/ cartridge. It holds the e-liquid that contains nicotine and the flavoring.

3. Atomizer. This is the heating source that heats the e-liquid causing to vaporize.

Operation of the device is quite simple. The whole process is triggered when the smoker inhales. The capillary effect caused by the inhalation activates the atomizer that is battery powered. The atomizer heats the e-liquid in the tank until it vaporizes. The result is the production of vapor and aerosols that are inhaled in an action known as vaping. This is just a basic explanation of how the e-cig operates. E-cigarettes are designed to stimulate the effects of smoking tobacco through the flavored aerosols that are released and inhaled during the vaping process.

The operations of the e-cigarettes allow for a smoke-free environment. This factor has improved the living conditions of most smokers. Most of them can now boast of smoke-free clothes and fresher breaths. For nonsmokers, this is also a relief because they no longer have to suffer from the irritating tobacco smoke.

As we all know, nicotine is a very addictive substance that leads to serious health issues later on after persistence use. The e-cigarettes can offer an effective way to reduce or even eliminate the consumption of nicotine. This is because the e-liquid comes with varying quantities of nicotine according to the customer’s specifications. A smoker wishing to quit smoking can utilize this advantage by gradually reducing the amount of nicotine consumed until he or she has completely withdrawn from the behavior.